Image 4 Success was formed to address the key challenges that businesses face in difficult markets as well as buoyant ones.

We are not just helping businesses to achieve growth and profitability, but working with them in a number of ways to effectively manage their most valuable resource - their people.

How a company recruits, develops and retains its people will ultimately impact positively or otherwise on the bottom line. Career management and succession planning methods have a significant bearing on the attraction and retention of good people. 

Many businesses have an overall vision and defined performance targets for their company. However, they might not be communicated effectively below a senior management level.

The following question is rarely asked: "how do business targets impact on Harry in 'despatch' or Mary in 'accounts'?". Those people and their work are intrinsinically linked with the overall business goals and objectives. Unless there is a clear line of sight throughout the business, it is very hard to identify where, who and why targets are not being met.

This has been re-actively recognised in the current market. Some businesses struggle to adapt quickly to the downturn in economy, or call upon a full range resources that may be available to them..

Our findings show that very few companies record and indeed use all of the skills (engaged and non-engaged in the current role) of their people.

Your answers to your challenges may well lay within your business. You just don't know about it yet!

At Image 4 Success we believe an answer lay in a highly motivational approach to performance. It enables people to take ownership and responsibility for their roles and their performance outcomes, thereby creating a culture of success and importantly, keeping the most valuable people in your business.

Companies may not be aware of a vast 'bank of talent' sitting in their business. Image 4 Success has developed a software programme that identifies that talent and uses it to its maximum potential.

Our development programmes together with our unique Bank Your Skills software can help you to achieve your goals by putting in place essential mechanisms to maximise your company's potential. Additionally, we can provide you with the tools for you to use without our ongoing involvement. The choice is yours!